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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playing with the Cards I've Been Dealt.

  This, right now, 10 or 11 or so in the morning, is the best time to type this. I recently woke up, pretty damn content, sticking my tongue out at my alarm clock, who can't wake me up with its howling. Guess what, bitch? It's Saturday, which means I could stay in my lovely slumber as long as I wanted to. If you even tried to buzz today, I would "tie you to the bed and set this house on fire, just gonna-". That aside, get ready for another over-used pop song reference, I sort of woke up "in the morning feeling like P. Diddy".  

  "Sean John Combs (born November 4, 1969), currently known by his stage name Diddy, is an American record producer, rapper, actor, and men's fashion designer.". And though Wikipedia did not officially state he was black, because it's pretty damn obvious, he's black. 


Where am I going with this? Well, by following the Law of Syllogism, we get:
1) If you are P. Diddy, then you are black
2) If you are black or at least half-black, you are Micaela Williams.
3) P. Diddy is Micaela Williams
Wait, what? This proves another point; I suck at math, do not ask me for help, thank you.

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling black. I am black. But I actually felt it. My status on Facebook, "which is like, THE social networking center, LOL, im funni" has already made a reference to this situation. And worry not, it is in NO way negative at all. It's just that I haven't felt like I was paying a lot of attention to either half of my culture, lately. 

Most of those who are reading this are aware that I am biracial. My mother is Filipino, and my dad is straight-up black. He does say that we're Cuban somehow, but, we're black. Well, no, he is black. I am Blasian. According to Urban Dictionary, Blasians are pretty damn gorgeous. 

Exhibit A. Amerie, Black and Korean. Also; 

Tyson Beckford, who is of Jamaican, Panamanian, and Chinese descent. 

Sebastian Grant. Black and....well, he may not even be Blasian at all. The point I am making is, Blasians do not always get the best of both worlds. 

   Why, yes, we look "exotic" depending on how our parents' genes mix. Black genes are almost always dominant, so a majority of Blasians look flat-out black, with Asian eyes. And so they live their lives as such. Sort of what I did. Back in the day, everyone, except for my family, thought I was fully black, and they treated me as such. Up to middle school, I guess, I was always included in the black group. Again, not negative at all, but in all honesty, I was considered an Oreo because I didn't...act black. And one day, I revealed that, yes, you beasts, I am half-Asian. Fili-freakin'-pino. And then they were gathering around me, this strange zoo animal, a mixed breed, like a Liger, eyes widened, mouths open. 

   Some assumed that I should start "acting" Blasian. "Oh, so you should, like, listen to rap, and do karate, and eat chicken, and use chopsticks, so then people would stop calling you an Oreo." No. Ok, race does not determine what music you are supposed to like. Hence, some Caucasians enjoy rap music, just as much, or even more than black people. We can listen to whatever we like. I enjoy rock music too, so sit in your corner and suck it. Second, not all Asians, or half-Asians enjoy martial arts. It's not like we are entitled to learn it, or piano, or math, or computer programming as soon as we are born. Next, ok, shut up, my dad, the black one, doesn't even LIKE fried chicken. He only gets it once every two months. He likes oven-baked chicken. That doesn't make him, or I less black. Lastly, I will probably never be able to use chopsticks, though my splinters prove that I have tried. Filipinos use our hands to eat. Call it "NASTAYYY" but no one gives a care. The only true thing that came out of the stereotypes is this: The black side of my family DOES like to sing. And the Filipino side DOES like karaoke. Bam, musical and racial harmony.

   Essentially, I am not able to act Blasian, according to other people's standards. Er, so what do I act like? White, I usually say, jokingly. I do not mean to offend anyone. It's just, I'm living in America and all, where of course, there is still racial prejudice, among other things. And I'm not comfortable with having to stress both races equally. It's impossible for me to act black or Asian. And in this society (again, I understand if you are offended by this, but I don't mean to do so) acting black means...well, look at the media. We are portrayed as gangsters, dancers, criminals, overall, highly negative. America and the rest of the world eats that up. And Asians in the media are usually portrayed as super-geniuses, speakers of Engrish, nail salon owners, greedy. I'm not making this up. But that's the media's perspective. And to be honest, if you believed anything the media said about a certain group of people, you are an IDIOT. As I have said before, I'm too black to be Asian, too white to be black. 

  My name is Micaela Williams. My mother is Filipino. She is an Asian. My father is black. He is..he is black. I am mixed. According to society's physical standards, I am black. According to black standards, I am white. According to Asian standards, I am just not Asian. According to myself, which is REALLY the only thing that matters...I am 100% Blasian. No matter what happens because of it, I'm proud of it. 

You...whoever you are, whatever you are, embrace it. And tell those discriminatory fuckers to shut up. 

This particular Blasian says EVERYTHING is going to be OK. 


  1. Sarah...SARAH.

    I love YOU. So much.

    Muchas gracias, por viewing this. Pardon my Spanish.

  2. Blasian eh. Everyday I learn new words. Nice blog, I'll follow you. Could be interesting!