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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Armadillidium vulgare

Good news: I'm calm now. Better news: I have free time because all necessary homework is finished. The best news ever: There is an abundance of chocolate syrup.

I killed an Armadillidium vulgare today, better known as pill bugs,which are better known as roly polies, which as better known as the second best insect aside from a dead, but pretty butterfly. Actually, no, not really. It's not an insect. Wikipedia told me. "The more you know..."

Well, yes, I killed it. I was brushing my teeth earlier this morning and saw it on the floor. For reasons that continue to boggle my mind, we do not have bug spray within an arm's reach in our bathroom. (Not that it would work, because HA, Armadillidium vulgare are not insects! They are ISOPODS) 

You wanna know how I killed it? Shampoo. There was no bug spray, but there is always shampoo. Once, we had a shampoo shortage because I was to lazy to request to pick up another bottle. I heard that washing without shampoo is better for your hair, anyway. So true, because my hair was shinier without being greasier!
I let it get itself into a corner and then I formed a ring of death around it. Then I let the shampoo fall directly on it. It stopped moving. It died. 

I considered picking up the remains with tissue, for it was a disturbing sight. I have this... thing, though. I have to psych myself up before handling small living things with more than two legs. One time, I stepped on a roach with just a sock on. I mean ,I was wearing the sock, not the roach. I didn't feel it, but my dad told me it was there. I closed my eyes... psyched myself up, and ran. My face has also encountered a roach. My face. 

It's not an irrational fear, it's totally justified. I had problems looking up the scientific name of pill bugs to impress you guys because Wikipedia does not censor images of "bugs." I have yet to conquer my fear of pulling up the Wikipedia page for cockroaches. The pictures, man, the pictures...

I don't like insects because the underside of the feels like a chip broken into pieces, but it moves independently. That's exactly how it felt. AAAUUUEEGH. 

We got rid of our roach infestation four years ago. Ok, it wasn't a total infestation. They appeared in pairs every two weeks or so. I think an infestation would be waking up to the smell of bacon only to find out it was a hefty pack of roaches carrying bacon in front of you in a line on your bed. So ours was sort of a passive occupation. But no. They don't pay for any of the utilities nor are they related to the owner, so they did not have our welcome.

Turns out, Borax and baking soda was the key to it all. We just sprinkled it in the dark, moist corners of our house. No more! Not even the "teenager" roaches who were significantly smaller. So you can imagine the shock that came when I saw a roly poly! 

Yeah, so it's still there. but I'm not completely lazy, it's still in my mind. I'm going to pick it up now. 

On a lighter note, HAPPY EASTER! I hope that you all have a very nice one. My brother went egg-hunting yesterday, so perhaps we shall inspect his collection. I'm a sucker for those eggs that are like M&M's but they are really eggs. Ok, I'm really not trying to make this sound like I am dissing religion because I included it with a post about crawling things. That's not a joke. I had to make that clear. I'm not trying to be ignorant. So...again, Happy Easter. 

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