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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bucket List 4: Conn a Ship. No.

No. I'm not even going to try. The title is misleading, and for that I apologize. But I have another story that is possibly more interesting than the conning of ships.

StumbleUpon is such a great time-filler. I won't say "waster," for time is only wasted when you don't get anything of it the time you spent "wasting" it. It made so much sense in my mind. Anyway, after about 15 Stumbles yesterday, I came across what can best be described as the "whipped cream of the Internet."

(Click with caution, mine didn't open in a new tab, and it was frustrating) The Revolving Internet. Jesh, click it if you please. I don't know if your Blogger automatically opens links in new pages or tabs, so take heed.You will be greeted by a home page, most likely Google. Or perhaps it depends on what you set it as... I have yet to find out. Oh, also there is a beautiful song that accompanies it. It's so peaceful, and makes internet browsing so freaking classy.
Let's call each instance of it being open a "revolving tab." And whoa, I'm not so sure about that sentence structure, but go with it, hm? So at first, I only had the first one, and it was spinning around on my Google homepage. I just let the song play as I watched and freaked out. Then I decided to double the intensity. I typed in "revolving internet" in the spinning Google thingy to click on the second revolving internet link. It's like that movie I've never seen but a dream is in another dream and it has Leonardo DiCaprio with squinty e-INCEPTION.
No, the world did not implode and puppies did not vomit gold. Yeah, not much of a change... but it seems to be going faster. And there are now two songs with a delay of about a minute and a half of them. Are we done with this internet experiment? Hell no. I've gotten up to three revolving tabs and a cup of milk, let's do this.

Ok. So there are slight typos, thanks to Google's Autofill...feature.
This is not going so well.
I wanted to take it a step further and try YouTube. 
Broken. I broke it.

At this point, there was just... too much. Too many sounds. So many circles. Blank chunks of white are showing up for no apparent reason. It's exactly like whipped cream, and I'll explain why. One or two spoonfuls of whipped cream is alright. It makes boring foods edigasmic. But spoonfuls is pushing it. Once you've finished the whole tub of it, you're on the floor weeping and regretting it. Your future with whipped cream is ruined because you've had too much. However... you can never get enough of that cherry on top...
Oh, and the classy music continues to play!


  1. XD I greatly enjoy your cherry on top ;)
    This is fantastic, and it kind of makes me want to start stumbling again... But I'll fail all my classes if I do.

  2. THANK YOU for reading and commenting! And yikes, that's smart...especially so close to finals... We'll Stumble LATER :D