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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bucket List!

Yes. I have a bucket list. Or, I will start one. I wish to accomplish all of this before I die. It's based off of this:

"A human being should be able to
change a diaper
plan an invasion
butcher a hog
conn a ship
design a building
write a sonnet
balance accounts
build a wall
set a bone
comfort the dying
take orders
give orders
act alone
solve equations
analyze a new problem
pitch manure
program a computer
cook a tasty meal
fight efficiently
die gallantly
Specialization is for insects." -Robert A. Heinlein

Let's do this. I want to become an honorary human being. I'll go through one of these per entry, and hopefully in a month or two months, I will complete this. Of course, the last one will hopefully be put off for a while. Oh, and these will be done enthusiastically. No half-assing. That would make me half-human. 

Maybe this will inculcate a sense of persistence. My next years of schooling would be so much easier if it did. And maybe I'll add some more of others or my own. Feel free to suggest ideas!

I can't put this on my resume or college applications, but this is more geared toward self-assurance. If I can accomplish at least 75% of these, I will die happily.

I invite you to do the same. Maybe this'll turn into one of those blogging memes. That'd be really cool. Robert A. Heinlein would be proud. 


  1. I've done seven of these. I am proud. I will add these to my bucket list. So far I have
    -Go skydiving
    -have a baby
    -backpack across Europe
    (and all the stuff up there)

  2. Oh. My gosh. Skydiving is ridiculous-----ly ballsy. And that is a very very very good thing. I am now adding all of those! Also:

    -Getting on television for a positive thing
    -Touching a celebrity legally
    -Getting a celebrity to say your name (Voltaire said my name, but unfortunately, it was because my dad had to pick me up. Embarrassing. I s'pose he's relatively famous.)
    -Spinning quickly in ice-skates.
    -Popping wheelies.
    -Hitting high notes in Mariah Carey songs.
    -Getting an A on some chemistry test


  3. Oooh those are some good ones. I've been on television for being in a restaurant that was on the food network. And I've popped a wheely before! (wheeley? I don't know)

  4. This is a really great idea! I love Bucket Lists, but mine always turn out really bad.
    I'll be excited to see how yours comes along, though! Keep us updated, please!