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Friday, April 22, 2011

Interpretation of a Music Video.

I'm confused.

I've been trying new things. It's a part of that new philosophy mindset. So, y'know, starting small. I won't do anything drastic yet, like stop eating junk food. Should I? What if it makes me happy? Do I have to? No. Small steps. That's right.

This little ordeal started out during one of my hot dance parties. It was actually hot, our AC doesn't work. Plus, my dancing wouldn't be able to arouse 7th graders, if we're talking that kind of hot. I hear 7th graders are pretty damn arousable. I was crumping to disco music on the side of my bed, because the laptop (source of music) fit and allowed slack for my headphones. Yeah, I don't dance with music playing out loud. It does, sadly, add to the embarrassment associated with the possibility of getting caught.

The disco music was coming in from my beloved YouTube. Sweet, tender loins of Youtube. For a while, I was content with the echo-ishness of disco music, and I was actually enjoying the hair. One thing led to another, and I was listening to "Big Booty Bitches." I don't blame the guy...everybody loves a big booty bitch. So this lead to watching other viral videos that had somehow escaped my internet-eye. "Nyan Cat." I saw "Nyan Cat." And...and I saw "Orphan Tears." I regret nothing.

Eventually I clicked on "Seek Bromance"(YAY, it's a link) You know what a bromance is, yes? Guys aren't like girls. They can't just go around hugging their bros, sitting on other bros' laps, humping other bros like girls can. Well, they can. But we live in a world that is afraid

of acceptance.

So when guys go out and do guy stuff with guys that goes beyond the normal social conventions, they are involved in a bromance. For some girls, watching guys do guy things with and to each other is arousing. I could go on another inexperienced psychological rant about this. But in all honesty, that is not why I clicked it. I clicked it because I was searching for new things to listen to and it was under the "Electronica" section.

This is where I get confused. There are two guys who are really cool with each other. You could tell that they had known each other long enough to be able to touch each other's shoulders. That's a big deal. They were laughing and taking acid, too. Just what you would expect from a video with "Bromance" in it, right?

But the whole freaking time, there was a blonde chick in clothes that looked like they had been pulled through a meat processor. The whole video, I wondered WHY she was there. She was messing up the bromance, brah, and that's so not funky fresh.

I would feel like a third wheel, in that case. There's this one part where they are driving and they have to make a stop because she has to pee. So she's out of the car, and the two guys slowly drive off... they would have been able to get away, but her meat-processed-clothed self was chasing them.

And then they had a three-way. The comments are nothing but interpretations of the video, some saying the girl is a figment of their imagination, others saying it demonstrates the "bros before hos" policy.

I just think it's a prime example of how people should be more aware of getting in the way of a relationship. If your male road-trip buddies have mentioned homosexual tendencies, and you are not of that same gender, and you hear hesitation in their voices when you ask if you can go last-minute, and you catch them staring at each other during a Las Vegas hotel threesome... you are a third wheel. I hope this long sentences makes up for the many choppy ones.

It's been a very unproductive, yet enjoyable day...

I'm sorry if it sounds aggressive...


  1. I know!!! during the whole freaking video I was like WTF CHICK WTH ARE YOU DOING??? And what's with the whole "I have a need to pull my shirt up" think that she had going on??

  2. AEEURGH. Maybe it's in our feminine nature to call out our fellow females when there are males involved. But this was just really confusing. OOOH, thank you for watching, reading, and commenting. I believe you are the first I've ever thanked thrice in once comment! EMBRACE IT.