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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Suggestions and 30 Rock!

This is quite possibly the first television series I have liked on my own. Don't get me wrong, I love suggestions. Well, not movie suggestions, no one seems to suggest movies that I can watch without falling asleep. Let me rephrase that, very few people suggest movies that I enjoy. It's always, "YOU seem like you would just love this, watch it!"

I had someone mildly force me to watch a really long black-and-white movie. I hate black-and-white movies. See, if you don't watch it, and they quiz you the next day, you have to be really weird about it. Anyway, I'm still waiting for The One. That one perfect suggestion that will blow me away. This is the sort of thing women sigh about while looking out of windowsills.

Now, music is completely different. In this case, very few people have disappointed me with their musical suggestions. Music is just different.

*FACT: I have never ever been able to spell embaressmant or dissapointment. And yes, I know that those two are incorrectly spelled. Spellcheck tells me it is embarrassment and disappointment. Two r's, two s's. Two p's.*

Now, television shows are just... they don't... suggestions don't ever work. Except with True Blood, I did fully enjoy True Blood. And... and various anime series suggestions, five at most, back in the day. Yikes, I am straying away from my anime-loving habits. That's why 90% of other people's suggestion do not earn my approval.

Suggestions often do the exact opposite of their intended purpose. It's like, if everyone likes it, my mind dislikes it before I even experience it. So, movie-wise or show-wise, if you wish  to suggest something to me, say you hate it.

Three weeks ago, I bought a book because I overheard a conversation between two friends discussing how much they hated it. I'm reading it right now and I love it. So yes, books work that way, too.

But 30 Rock is new (to me)! Liz Lemon is surprisingly easy to relate to. It could be because of the junk food obsession or her social awkwardness. Oh, and she sings and dances. What can she not do? I have yet to find out. I'm currently on season 3, and I plan to catch up by tomorrow. The episodes are only about twenty minutes long! That's three shows an hour.

Also, Sesame Street made a parody of it and Alec Baldwin...'s power is slightly attractive. His eyes are really pretty. I don't know what that statement reveals about me but it's ok because it's normal to have TV-crushes on older men. What else can I fangirl about without revealing too much? Uh, hm, the men Liz finds vary from total douchebaggedness to knee-weakingly perfect. But no one's perfect, so shhh.

I'm excited. I don't usually use ALL CAPS for many things (I am about to), nor do I go on rants about how pleasant something is. If there is someone out there who enjoys it as much as I do, please contact me so we can frizz about it. I think frizz is the right word. And... it's not a suggestion, but just tell me if you do check it out.


Again... Happy Easter!


  1. I am kind of the same with most tv shows. However, some suggestions I do genuinely like. But, yes. I get where you're coming from... But I'm always really proud of myself when I find a movie or a band or a tv show by myself, without anyone introducing it to me. I'm like "Yes! This is all mine!"
    And I, too, have a mild crush on Alec Baldwin... And other older men. Heh. But, yeah, he was super attractive when he was younger.

  2. @Kelsey: Is it alright if you've provided me with a mental image of a wild Kelsey (with gorgeous hair regardless of the humidity. I think it makes it look fierce) scavenging in the rainforest for edible berries, and each newly-discovered band or show represents one? And Alec Baldwin represents a randomly baked cake bush? Good... good :) THANK YOU.

  3. What book are you reading that people said they hated? I might be interested XD
    I don't generally listen to things people suggest to me, I only watch 2 tv shows, and all the anime I watch I found myself. The only person who I let suggest movies for me is my brother, because he knows my taste.
    I see the name Alec, and I think of the book character. I see the name Baldwin and I think of classical music. No I don't know who he is. I might look him up.