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Friday, May 13, 2011


Yes, the title is an exclamation mark. The past few days have been an exclamation mark. As in, "AAAARRGH!" That's mostly frustration. But that's the last negative thing I will mention. It's Friday, you see. No one deserves to be frustrated on Friday. Everything is going swimmingly. In about a week, the right to be frustrated will return, and that's alright. It's like climbing a giant ladder, and the only way down is to go down the longest, funnest, most amazing water slide ever. Water slides are fantastic.

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? I guess those are instances in which you are yourself, but you definitely don't feel like yourself, because you are aware that the you that you are is not yourself in the midst of realization. And you can see yourself. That happened today. Minus the seeing of myself from a different point of view. It's like... I did not exist, and not in the "no one notices me" kind of way, more like... it felt on to be on Earth.

Earth is capitalized, right?

Ah, now my logical skills are slowly deteriorating and I am questioning my thinking ability. Can I just spew random thoughts, now?

What if reincarnation is real, and we are all reincarnations of one entity. We all hate each other, like we hate ourselves. And we love each other, like we love ourselves. We gossip about others, so we put ourselves down. We compliment people, so we honor our own talents. A little less than what we do to bring down our collective self-confidence. But yes. Some of us are just lazy, but others work hard. Some are beautiful, some are ugly. We're all ugly and beautiful. We talk too much in some instance,s and don't talk enough. We don't say enough. We get annoyed at what others say. We get annoyed with ourselves.

And what of love? What's that? What is happiness? Are we not the happiest when we are surrounded by people we love? And we're supposed to love ourselves, right? So we do. But what if you can't? You can't love others?

And what of the competition that exists? Why must we be better than one another? In getting to the top, we must push others down. We do that on an individual level, too, huh? We sacrifice some of the best things in life to get to the top.

And sex. Sex is just one huge self-loving session. Why is it so censored if we all know what it is, or will soon know what it is? What is that supposed to mean? Why are we pleased with how some people look, and repulsed by others? Is it a collective feeling that symbolizes our fickleness or shallowness?

Personalities. What. We're all so so so different, yet we share so much in common. What if this one person that we all are is just a mix of different personalities. A giant self-diagnosed with identity issues. Not all of us even know ourselves yet, we're still finding out.

And childhood, teenhood, adulthood, then wisdom. We all go through it, and give advice to other versions of ourselves but why don't we follow it? This leads to authority. Why does it exist? Aren't you just telling yourself what to do? Don't we already do that?

Why do we fight? I know we are angry with ourselves, meaning each other, meaning ourselves. But why is there this constant struggle. You cannot go one single second without a conflict. Something extremely negative somewhere is happening. Sometimes we just cover it up better than ourselves... each other.

Our history class is watching a movie about Akbar the Great and it kicks carefully-shaved, lovingly-caressed ASS.

How incredibly odd.

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  1. So.... this is really late, and I apologize for that.
    But I want to say, no earth isn't capitalized (I don't know why it isn't, it should be a proper noun, but it's not. It's mega weird.

    I read this story like that, called the egg. I may have sent it to you already, but if not, here you are:

    I went through a stage of believing in reincarnation, but not that we are all ourselves. That's really an interesting idea. I like it.