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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Those meaningful moments I've mentioned earlier. I have remembered some of them. I was listening to 80s music, and before that, thinking about how this year has gone by. With all of its changes, it's been overwhelming. But we are done. I say that because... we are not going to see each other as much in the next week in the same building. Not as much as we used to.

Those moments usually happened at night. I don't mean like that. But it's around that time where you're so unbelievably tired and your words sort of mash together and your thoughts don't make sense. You start to leave out words from sentences, but you can still be understood. You laugh at stupid things. And by stupid things, I mean normal things like trees.

Sleepovers. When you fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, or awkwardly end one because you honestly cannot function. Usually around 4 AM. And when you wake up, you come to the realization that you guys can survive a sleepover without hating each other. Not that it was an issue. And then you spend the morning eating breakfast and watching cartoons. Or maybe watching White Chicks and having a mini-dance party after it. Or bringing in the New Year with glowsticks and manscreams.

Facebook conversations almost every single day, talking of math grades and videos. Those mindblowingly scary videos.

Oh, baking adventures. I will never forget when someone invited me to their house to make homemade cookies for the first time in my life. You know who you are. The thought that someone would want me in their kitchen, not as an accessory, or someone to show off to, but to teach and let me help... is amazing. I do it at home, too.

After school. Whether it's roaming the hallways, or sitting under the Bio Stairs. Shooing guys away and feeling shitty afterwards. Reading books in weird accents. Shooting the bull about homework and stuff and then suddenly jumping into other topics. Constantly getting caught by teachers in the midst of awkward phrases. Staying really really late during an early dismissal day to do random stuff. Hell, even serving as an awkward bystander over Skype on the second floor, attempting to study for chemistry. Our study session never ever work. Encountering cupcakes and doing the right thing. Supernoting. Analyzing a poster for about an hour to understand what was going through the minds of certain cartoonists.

Lunch. Almost every single day this year, the lunch adventure. Sunkist, fries, maybe something else. Lunch ladies start to notice how my bills are always large. Being able to squeeze into a random spot on the Courtyard and usually you will be able to engage in a conversation.

I cannot single out one grand moment. Perhaps that moment will come in the future. The one thing that troubles me is the fact that my time has to be split up between groups. Both are equally important to me, and I don't always show it.

Sorry guys, I just have a lot of feelings right now. Two romance movies in one day, plus an 80s playlist on Youtube... yeah, no. It's girly and all, but I feel as though I must thank you. So thank you. Two more years. Kidding. I hope that this sort of thing will continue for longer than that. If not, I WILL harass you on Facebook, even after you decide you want to take us off your "family" list. I've been worrying about that. The fact that you have to explain it. The fact that one day... some of those people will have to be taken off, and you don't know whether you should be the first. It's more of a sign, I guess. I mean, you'll always know... it's just that others won't.

I guess... this year, this is my version of the end-of-the-year video. There was just no time. If anything, I promise to make a Senior one. I do. I promise. You too? You too.

I'm going to try to watch more Dirty Dancing clips...


  1. This post made me smile so much. Especially the White Chicks bit. Heh. Best times ever. And then the whole bio bit. Ah, good times. Accents make the world go 'round. I was listening to the recording and jus shaking my head. We are so odd. And cupcakes. We are good people, Micaela. The true owners of those cupcakes is grateful.
    I'm always checking my family list because I'm always expecting someone to have defamilied me.

    Anyway. This was a lovely post.
    And there will be Senior-vids. Garunteed.

  2. Hi! Thank you for reading, Miss. i do believe preparation starts now. it's always in progress, so we can worry about technical production..later. for now, however, summer has thrust it's wonderful self onto us in a manner that we are A-OK with.


  3. This post made me so joyous. There is now an unparalleled amount of joy in my heart. Because of you. I love sleepovers. I like staying up late, and letting your defenses come down, and opening up more to whoever you're hanging out with. And it makes you like them even more (usually, I did have one experience that made me dislike somebody). Manscreams and glowsticks actually go really well together. I think glowsticks go well with everything though.... Maybe not funerals.... I'll have glowsticks at my funeral. Sorry, that was random.
    Baking. We should do that again, with more people. And It will be delicious. And fantastic and we will eat cookies. Or whatever we decide to bake. I think tea too. I like tea.
    I think there are certain people I'll never take off my family list. Maybe when I'm forty, but who knows. I love you guys. I try to keep that list pretty small though. So if you're on it, you should feel special.
    I think there should be Senior end of the year videos. I would like that. Very much.