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Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is a nonsensical post.

I have ads on the blog at this moment. Perhaps they are blocked if you have AdBlock. AdBlock is really great.

I honestly don't expect to make money from them at all, as that is their intended purpose. I write just to write, not to please anyone or my monetary "desires." I don't really have a strong will to make money, in other words. They are there...just in case.

Anyway, all of the ads are relevant to my posts. That's very creepy. It's almost as creepy as looking to the right side of Facebook once and being asked by a side-ad if I lived in... my current city.


So it's creepy. But I realized I could change the content of my ads if I changed the content of my posts. I want my next ads to be about fudge brownie recipes and the color purple.

So I will mention fudge brownies and the color purple.


Fudge brownies.



I will try to incorporate fudge brownies and the color purple into a multitude of sentences. Maybe bald men shampoo, too.

Shampoo for bald men.

Shampoo extracted from the fudge brownie juice which is a deep kind of purple. Kind of reddish purple.

Bald men bathing in fudgey substances with purple armpit hair. Do you shave your armpit hair? I envy those who have hair pale enough in their pits to just ignore it. You guys are lucky. Maybe if I got just a little bit darker this summer...

Fudgey purple armpit hair that bald men like to shave with used razors.

I hope this works.

This is a nonsensical post.

1 comment:

  1. My armpit hair is dark enough that I can't ignore it, but my leg hair is light!
    I also have ads that I don't really expect anybody to click on. I use adblock plus, so I don't see yours, but if I visit on firefox, (for which I have lazily not installed it) I will click.
    I kinda hope that you will get ads about purple fudgey bald mens armpit shampoo?
    All of the ads I get for you are about beef....
    Google tries to make it relevant though. The creepiest part is in gmail if you read an email it will give you ads about the content. Creepy as balls.