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Sunday, June 19, 2011


I play RuneScape. I have played since 4th grade. It started when I saw a bunch of 4th grade boys playing it in computer class. My best friend and I started. Then my other friends did the same. Soon, the entire grade was on it. Except for those other guys who went on AddictingGames. Forget them. Before RuneScape, I played Neopets and messed around with SmarterChild on AIM. But RuneScape...made me feel like I was one of the guys. It still does, and I love it.

I never really had a console of my own. In the huge gaming community, I find that there is a deep division between computer gamers and console gamers. You have the lucky butts who have both. But I don't have the resources and more importantly, I don't have the time. I do, however, have a computer and a decent internet connection. I do consider myself a gamer, though, even if others do not.

Runescape was never really "just a game" for me. It was a chunk of my life that I spent on the internet. It was and still is a part of my life. It's so dorky. But I am not going to deny it. I'm going to describe it in pieces.

First account. I forgot my username. It's sort of sad. I should have honestly remembered it, damn it, but no. I mainly messed around on this. I didn't really care about raising my stats or anything of the sort. I just cared about how I looked. Girl gamer. My best friend was a higher level than I was.

I think the highest I ever got on this account was in the 30s. In my opinion, you are considered a noon at levels 1 through 20. 21-50 is sort of in the middle. 51-60 is higher up, but you cannot get cocky. 61-70 is pretty good, but you know you can do better. 71-80, 81-90 both are decent. 91-99 earns a bit of respect.. or it should. 100-126 (138 for members, because of Summoning and other additional skills) and you are basically fine. Actually, you are a noob to anyone who is higher than you. On my main account, I am 74. I will be at least 80 before this summer ends. Promise.

I remember once... I think it was 5th grade... I became a member. During this time, I bought slutty clothes. For my character, I mean. I became a blonde. And I got a boyfriend. For my character. it was sad. I remember logging in to meet my best friend on a random world near Lumbridge, one of the main areas. At that point, I was not really aware of how my character was dressed. We met each other and she greeted me with an appropriate "wtf???" VioletOne95 was my username! Just remembered. Anyway, yeah. The last time she saw me, I looked like "me." But now, I was blonde with slutty clothes. The gnome clothes. They were blue. Booty shorts...I remember booty shorts. I was a very odd child. My boyfriend bought me rings and stuff. One time, I got a boyfriend on another account and later told him that I was actually a middle-aged man.  We broke up. If you were wondering why I do not have a boyfriend in real life, now you know. I would do this to them.

I made another main account. This one was more serious, but I believe it was hacked. I had another membership (I'm sorry, Mom, for using your money for this) and got a beret. TWO berets. Girl gamer. I was definitely more concerned with looks, still. I hunted for pirate clothes, too. This was way before the Grand Exchange, so if I wanted something, I had to first consult Google and second, go out into a random world and look for it. I want to say I got into the 50s range for this one. It wasn't for fighting, however, it was just to earn respect. Just like in the real world. I wanted to be a woman with power, and in RuneScape, that means money and/or level. None of that matters now. It's lost.

6th grade. I started my current account. Yes. I completed all of the free-to-play quests and leveled up quite a bit. This was the account that finally got to wear dragon armor. A skirt, which was pretty cheap, but I thought it was pretty cool. You see guys in dragon skirts because they, like myself, cannot afford legs. Pants.

I think in 2007...they changed everything. Grand Exchange was introduced. Wilderness was gone, too, but I never paid attention to it. I utilized the Grand Exchange, though, for it allowed me to get items without visiting strange lands. I also tried to make money from it. It's like the stock market in the real world. You could buy items in bulk, turn around and sell it, thus making a profit. The more you buy and sell, the larger the profit.

I started cutting yews and that was my main source of income. I started fighting Experiments as a member, and that was my main source of combat training.

I have bored you. I'm going to cut to the important part.

Before I could cut yews, I was training on oaks near Lumbridge. I was 13. There were two other people. A girl with "color" in her name. She was 21 and just got a new car. She left early, but we added each other to our friend lists. I continued to speak with her until we drifted apart, about a week later. She was sweet. She'd be around 23 now. From England, I believe, as many players are. And then there was Spudspoon.

He was 16, extremely easy to talk to, from England. Now, I know everyone warns about predators, but I just trusted him. I always took care in not revealing my information. Onward. We started talking about life and being a teenager. I was not really a teenager at that point, but oh well. We kept on talking, even after my internet freaked out and I had to change worlds. He told me about this one girl he liked and I gave him advice. We joked and talked and talked and talked. He talked about drinking. At first I was shocked, but he explained that the drinking age in England was lower than that in the US. It was around 12 in the afternoon in the US when we started, and 4 in the morning when he had to leave. He told me that he would not mind inviting me to one of his parties if I were in England, or something like that. I will never forget that.

This sounds really really creepy. This is exactly the sort of thing that people get hurt by. But I just knew that he was genuine. I need you, as readers, to trust me. Again, I did not give out any information, I didn't even say the state I lived in, nor did I reveal my name. So please don't talk about how potentially dangerous this was. I'm not writing it for that. i'm writing it because Spudspoon was my friend.

Is it possible to make a sincere internet friend? Yes. He was my first internet friend. I think that we would have been best friends if I hadn't suddenly left RuneScape. I make friends more easily on the internet than I do in real life. This has always been true. I'm jealous of internet me, actually. I left RS for 4 weeks. Logged back on. He never came back. To this day Google his name, and nothing really shows up.

I hate losing friends like that. It was so unexpected. It was too sudden. I would give up a lot just to talk to him.

He was also my first true guy friend. That's a big deal. There's a little piece of hope that tells me that he will see this post one day and come back to RuneScape, or leave on comment. I swear I would cry. I only talked to him for a few hours, damn it. I'm not even writing this as pleasantly as I could. It cannot be described accurately with words, it just has to be felt and understood. I don't even know his real name.

There was also Ethan. He's behind my weird email accounts. The ones that my friends know, but shouldn't because I was supposed to erase that part of my life permanently. Eghehehe. He was in my same grade and we became close friends through RuneScape, as well. He asked me to be his girlfriend, but I said it wou-oh my gosh this is so sad. See readers, even my love life online is better than my real love life. Any way, we just went on as friends. And then we drifted apart because of some odd things he said. It wasn't nasty or anything...I just don't remember. So I took it out on future email addresses. That's that.

I came across more friends who played RuneScape. It's refreshing. I am happy when I have someone else to talk with about something I enjoy. I don't go on RS as often, but it's a part of me, as corny as that sounds. I also caught someone in a lie, where they claimed to have played it. They are not aware of my blog, though. That same damn person also criticized people with blogs and Twitters AND the fact that I made a cake from a box mix. WHO THE HELL DOESN'T? *Wrinkly old man face*

Where are you Spudspoon? :(

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