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Thursday, June 16, 2011

That One Awkward Kid.

Everyone goes under that title at least once in their life. You are suddenly surrounded by people and you forget how to talk. You forget how to talk in a pleasant way, that is. This time, it was me. 

Yesterday, I went to an orientation for my upcoming summer volunteering. Before I go and meet new people, I try to psych myself up during the car ride. I thought it worked. I was nervous before I even got to the location. Deep breaths. I kept telling myself that it was going to be like high school. Look at how happy I am now. More deep breaths. No sweaty palms yet. 

We got the the place. My mother's workplace. She had been working there for at least 5 years, so I knew my way around the area like the back of my hand. Some of the adults in Postpartum already knew me. I started to feel more comfortable.

I was late, though. I walked in behind another girl and sat next to her. No one was talking to one another. Oh boy. So the orientation was just starting, I signed in, the lady went over rules, expectations, the usual. The girl I sat next to was a returning volunteer and she made a comment to herself about her old card picture. This is my chance to make a new friend! I subtly laughed. Then somehow we got on the topic of phones. I was sort of more comfortable now that I had someone to talk to. I found out her dad was a WAY higher level person than my mother. So I didn't really mention my mother, who is a nurse's aid. I always tell people she is a nurse. 

There were a few guys there, which was unexpected since this was the Texas Women's Hospital. They were not attractive. They were not. One was sort of attractive, but he fell asleep during the directions segment. The lady in charge tapped his head with the brochure she had. He woke up. A few minutes later, he stood up, said he couldn't go through this stuff anymore and walked out. He is going to be a freshman in high school. 

There was a girl who just turned fifteen and all she talked about was about how she was flirting with this older guy from California. Bratty. She looked Indian, but she was black. 

Which leads me to this cultural diversity film they showed us. It showed a Cambodian boy with marks from traditional coining practices on his chest. The black doctor wanted to call CPS, but the Cambodian nurse said it was a cultural belief. There was also a very religious black lady who didn't want treatment because she said the Lord was her guide and he would decide. The white nurse was getting flustered with her case. Then there was a Hispanic man in pain, and the white nurse complained to her Hispanic friend about how expressive Hispanics were and they made a crapload of jokes about how they complain so much about small things.The Hispanic nurse said, "All patients should be Asian or British. They would die before they pressed the emergency button." The white nurse smirked and went on her way. All of these situations were resolved when the Cambodian boy and his mother did not have to confront CPS, the nurse told the black lady that God wanted her to get better while the black lady cried, and the other nurse got brutally scolded by the Hispanic family after finally finding out that the Hispanic guy had a fatal stomach ulcer. "Why didn't you do anything sooner?" 

There was another video about blood but that was not as exciting.

A lot of other people were talking on their damn phones during the lecture. There were about 20 people total. And six of them were on their damn phones. 

I'm working on Wednesdays, 8 to 12 in General Nursery and 12:30 to 4:30 in Antepartum, which deals with pregnant women before they have their babies. So far, four adults told me to expect some really crabby women in Antepartum. Hehe. On Fridays, I work from 7 to 2 in Day Surgery. I might see up to six surgeries. I'm very excited. 

I now have my very own hospital card, just like my mom. I'm proud, but the picture looks like crap. I'm not smiling. But I don't care, no one will look at it up close. I look like a deranged prisonmate. 

That girl I mentioned earlier? During lunch, she picked up her stuff and left without saying anything. She sat right across the room next to another person and that guy who fell asleep, but this was before he fell asleep. I was really hurt. I wore deodorant. I put cherry blossom lotion on from Bath and Body Works. I shampooed my hair. The last conversation we had was about how hard school was going to be next year. I don't know what happened that made her leave.

Yeah, I was hurt, but I just accepted it and talked to another person later on. I was still hurt. I will not see her during any of my sessions, though. Kind of  a relief. That has never happened to me before. The moment she left, I was thinking about how grateful I am for every single one of my school friends. My family, I mean, because I do consider them family. The moment she settled down into her new chair, I remembered that time where all of my school family had a group hug. I love you guys. I wanted to cry. I wanted a hug. But that was way too much to ask of the girl I had started talking to. She gave one word responses. I guess she didn't want to talk either. The rest were still on their phones. I still want a hug.

Most of the people I will be working with are adults, and I know some of the adults who work in my sections, so I am excited. This is still the opposite of high school. But...again, just by accepting it, I can move on. I went to the gift shop alone after it was all over and avoided that one girl. I got a KitKat bar and some Fritos. It made me feel better while I sat alone in the heat to not make contact with that girl again. My mom came soon. 

They had good fudge for the junior volunteers. 

I wanted two pieces, but I was afraid to go alone in front of all of those people. 

I miss school.

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