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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tina Fey is my Guardian Angel.

This post deals with my travels in the Ohio area, from June 9 to June 14. Five days of fear, awkwardness, passion, and togetherness. Five days of missing Houston and exploring Ohio. More than five days of NOT BLOGGING...sorry about that.

If I wrote out every single detail, it would take up a lot of space. A LOT of space. I regret not blogging periodically throughout the trip. I considered vlogging about it, but now it is too late and I am quite lazy and my hair has not been washed. Not that I care too much. I expect the potential watchers to be accepting of my appearance, for it is the content that counts. Anything,  I'll hit the most important parts!

A) Tina Fey is always there to guide me.

It's so true. I walked to the luggage check-in area with my mother, father, sister and Kevin. Matthew wasn't there and I felt sooo bad because I wanted him to be there when we left. He's my lil' brother and he wasn't even there to say goodbye. He was with his uncle. so, by the time we got closer to the TSA area, I was already feeling pretty sad, because I was about to say goodbye to my mom, too. I'm usually alright with not seeing one of my parents, but for some reason, this was different. I mean... we could have crashed on the plane. The end. Obviously not, because there is more to write. Anyway, there was a store in front of the TSA area and it had Bossypants, Tina Fey's book. It had a picture of Tina on the cover with man hands.
I smiled. Not because of the comical juxtaposition of the mismatched body parts, but because Tina Fey is my idol. I remember thinking... if I can spot Tina Fey more than one time, this trip will be fine. And I did. I spotted Tina Fey several times. Thank you, Tina. More on her later!


The TSA officials at the Hobby airport rushed everyone along and were extremely crabby. I'm sure I was overreacting because I was still half-crying due to my departure from my mommy. But this woman...this one TSA woman... agh. It was very early at that point, and I understand now what caused her attitude. I forgive her and sort of scold myself for not seeing the cause sooner. Hell, I didn't want to be at the airport at 6AM either. Still...

C) Planes and Drinks and Denver.

The flight was nice. The scariest feeling was going up in the air and thinking your ears will explode. They didn't and I sort of liked that mild popping feeling. They had TV screens in front of us but they stopped airing it if we didn't pay 5.99 or something. I was like DAAAAMN, man, but it was ok. I fell a sleep and then I got some water. I don't like to use airplane restrooms because if it crashes, I wouldn't want to be known as the one passenger covered in toilet stuffs during a plane crash. It would make it harder to identify my charred remains. Sorry. I don't like flying.

Oh, the Denver airport is freaking huge. I don't know what else to say, it was just fantastic. I LOVE THOSE horizontal escalator things. When you walk on them, it makes you feel so much faster. 'Cause you are. 

D) Ohio. So much.

It is more hilly than Google Maps can portray. More beautiful.

  1. Thursday: We arrived, my aunt picked us up, we went to her house. It's in Dayton. No one knows where Dayton is. HILLS EVERYWHERE. So hilly and beautiful. And full of trees. Every time I see a lot of trees, I think about how easy it would be to get lost in there and how long it would take for police to find your body. Yeah. But seeing the family was so great. 9 year old cousin. Connor. CLASSY AS I DON'T KNOW WHAT. It had to be capitalized. He is so freaking smooth for a little boy. You know those suave older black men you see? He's like that, but 9. And funny. And freakishly smart... his grammar is fantastic. 
  2. Friday: More cousins come in. All around 20 years old, one girl, two boys. Again, CLASSY. And just flat-out cool. There are other boys from our brother school similar to them, and I am intimidated. However, since they are family, I just smile shyly at them. Like damn, they are on this level I cannot reach. My girl cousin is really nice and she's a great track runner. All of them are athletic and I feel sort of wimpy compared to them. Their father looks like my dad which is scary. All of my uncles and aunts have weird names. Sprie, Kalor, Mada (Adam backwards), Nigel (not so bad), Lisa (again, not so bad), Nyrtestine, and Fayvenia. Did I mention this was my black side of the family? I soon picked up an accent. A blaccent. I felt so cool. Uncle Sprie (alternatively "Tim") is the fun one. He's mad funny. He's the youngest of my grandmother's children. Almost all of my uncles and my father call my grandmother "mummin'." It's so kinda cute.
  3. Saturday: I just wanted to reiterate how wonderfully hilly Dayton, Ohio is. It's so beautiful. I wish I took pictures. This was the day my aunt, Nyrtestine, got her Masters in Education. The graduation was long. I found out I have a little second cousin named Layla or Leila who is three and I'll be damned if she isn't the cutest girl baby I've ever seen. Matt is the cutest boy baby. She's not shy. My black family in general is just cooler than me. The dinner after the graduation...oh boy. There was a pasta bar. I think. There was a chef, and people would line up and choose a type of pasta, garlic, sauce. Perfect. You could hear sizzling. It was mindblowingly good food.Then came the after-dinner speeches. It started with Uncle Tim (Sprie) congratulating our aunt. Then almost everyone stood up and spoke their hearts about black people living in America and how important education was. Then my dad. This is big. This was the very first time in all of my life I have seen my dad cry. Big deal. It was silent for a while during his speech.This was the very first time I held back my tears for something this intense. His speech was...unreal. I got up and spoke after him, to thank him for what he had done, overall. This was hands-down the most powerful day of the trip. 
  4. Sunday: Church. BIG church. Forgot the name. We were late. The service showed a screening of the pastor talking to Justin Bieber and both of them flipped their hair in slow motion. Service was short, only 30 minutes, ended in singing. It was not bad at all, and I enjoyed it! My black side is crazy-religious. Back to our aunt's house. Clean-up time. We were all staying at our aunt's house and she is a neat-freak. after the cleaning was done, the males sat down to watch TV, and the girls helped make sandwiches. Great sandwiches, with Ranch dressing, pure ecstasy. After they were prepared, my aunt held the girls back, Mariela, my girl cousin Mariah, and I, and asked the men to get their food first. I was sooo confused. I had never been exposed to this. When my dad realized what happened he voiced his opinion. My aunt just said she was traditional. Man, damn, I made that food, you know, I want to eat at the same time as those who did NOTHING. I was, and still am...shocked. Then, back to grandmother's house to barbeque. Good. Food. Oh my gosh. I can't even... never before...taste. I'm going to cry. We watched Salt and I fell asleep. I woke up to get to the bed, and in the bathroom I called my mom crying because of my homesickness. I just missed everything about Houston. My mom, my friends, my room, Matt.
  5. Monday: Fixin' up our grandmother's house. Went to Home Depot, my aunt had a rant about homosexuality with all of the cousins while the men were shopping for tools. I couldn't believe how much hatred she was letting off. I won't go into it anymore. Meh. I spent quality time with my grandmother. Earlier, she told me never to smile at strangers and I realized that my father is a lot like his mother. It's sweet. My grandmother has lived a hard life. She had this notebook on the staircase that stated that God had been cruel to her. It was very frightening. She gardens and cooks and I admire her. At night, when the men were fixing up the house, still, Connor and the girls went back to our aunt's place and played hide-and-seek in the dark. If you have not played it in complete darkness, my dear friends, you have not lived. It was just great.
  6. Last day in Ohio. Had to wake up early, say goodbye to everyone. We made a super quick stop at my great-Uncle's house. He sounded genuinely disappointed that my father did not have any sons. THAT was the memory I left Dayton, Ohio with. Pretty fuckin' hurtful, if you ask me. I was glad to get back to Houston. The only thing that brought my spirits up was the hug my aunt gave us when she dropped us off at the airport. Plane to Chicago O'Hare airport. HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL AIRPORT AHHH. Tina was there again. I smiled. Then San Antonio. The TSA officers here were the sweetest officers EVER. We were buying a souvenir for Matt, and I saw Tina Fey again. I actually picked up her book and read the first pages, and her writing style is enjoyable. I am buying her damn book. I will always remember her. And well, Houston in less than 2 hours.
I'm glad I am back. I'm glad I experienced what I experienced. I'm glad I saw Tina Fey multiple times. I'm glad I got to see where my dad came from. I'm glad that I took this trip. I'm going back. I'm tired.

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