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Saturday, April 21, 2012


I meant to post this way in, a few months ago. I made some changes and added a few things.

I'm just here to let off steam. I usually whine to myself or to other people BUT, I promised a few people that I would stop complaining. So instead of complaining about things, I'm going to list things that I am thankful for, to remind me that life is wonderful.

MAJOR ONES: I am thankful for my family. They do everything for me and I wish I could do that for them.I am thankful for my friends. They are ridiculously amazing and hilarious and caring. I wish I were a better one. I am thankful that I go to a school where MOST of the people know what they are doing. (UPDATE: NOPE, Junior Year has taught me that almost everyone at my school, excluding my friends, are fucking ignorant assholes)

  1. I am thankful that my nose isn't stuffed up.
  2. I am thankful that I don't have to write "I am thankful" before everything, because I know you will understand.
  3. I can see!
  4. I am breathing. 
  5.  I appreciate the fact that I spotted the number option on the top of this post before I got too far. 
  6. A bowling ball is not headed towards my face.
  7. A large roach is nowhere to be seen. (UPDATE: I saw an inch-long spider, but it's dead now)
  8. I have arms.
  9. I can read.
  10. I have socks.
  11. I have access to food, water, and internet.
  12. I have a fan.
  13. Nothing on my person is aching.
  14. I have no mosquito bites.
  15. A wasp has never attacked me.
  16. I have never broken a limb.
  17. I just used the bathroom.
  18. It. Was. Amazing. 
  19. I had a pet fish once and it taught me two things: Responsibility, and to never drop fish food directly on it's gills. Because it kills it. YAY FOR LEARNING. 
  20. I have a working computer.
  21. I have a charger.
  22. I have a phone.
  23. I have hairties.
  24. I have shoes.
  25. I have bracelets. Life would be somewhat difficult without bracelets.
  26. I don't have to impress anyone right now because I am alone.
  27. I can think.
  28. I can maekk lall teh tpoyes i want. 
  29. But I have the option of choosing otherwise.
  30. I have 10 fingers.
  31. I have a tongue.
  32. I can fold my tongue.
  33. I can roll r's for a while. 
  35. I can make Ramen noodles!
  36. I have a working phone charger. (UPDATE: It's kind of screwy, but it still works)
  37. I have toothpaste.
  38. I have soap.
  39. I have shampoo.
  40. I have electricity.
  41. I have music.
  42. I have yet to experience a break-up.
  43. I have yet to experience being caught up in an affair.
  44. I have yet to go through a long-distance relationship.
  45. I have yet to think of ways to impress a significant other.
  46. I am single.
  47. I am single.
  48. I am single. (UPDATE: STILL SINGLE, but that's honestly fine)
  49. I have milk in the fridge!
  50. I have chocolate syrup, too!
  51. And ice cream.
  52. I have most of my school supplies.
  53. My grades are...OKAY, and that's OKAY.
  54. I have a nail clipper.
  55. I have clothes. That's pretty important.
  56. I have make-up...
  57. I have a mattress.
  58. I can talk!
  59. I have a large block of styrofoam in one of my drawers. I can't wait to think of things to do with it!
  60. StumbleUpon isn't blocked at my school!!!!!!!!!!! (UPDATE: Maybe not anymore, but another site is still allowed!)
  61. I have full mobility.
  62. I have paper.
  63. My printer has ink!
  64. I have scarves!
  65. I have candy-vitamins.
  66. I have readers that might actually read this entire list.
  67. They are special and lovely. 
  68. They get to read that I really appreciate them.
  69. Only those who read all of it can see this.
  70. SHH.
  71. I recognize that this is the number 71.
  72. I can count.
  73. Ironman headphones.(UPDATE: They broke, but I have other ones)
  74. Yesterday was better than any prom shindig could have ever been.
  75. My favorite show merchandise ring thing just came in!
  76. Colleges that I have actually heard of are mailing me things.
  77. So are the obscure ones, but they're funny, so it's cool.
  78. I have new glasses.
  79. I don't have any serious illnesses!
  80. My foot itches, but I just scratched it.
  81. I'm not pregnant.
  82. I just saw my little brother and he got a haircut. He hugs me enthusiastically whenever I see him.
  83. My grandmother is back from the hospital and she's alive and well.
  84. MY DAD GOT A JOB. 
  85. I got into the organization that I wanted to for my service project AND I'm doing it with some of the best people ever. 
  86. I once made a pseudo-celebrity laugh. 
  87. I AM NOT COURTNEY STODDEN. (UPDATE: Just checked myself, and I am still not Courtney Stodden, thank goodness.)
  88. I just had a really nice cookie.
  89. I made nuggets today and they were perfectly crisp. 
  90. I don't have to hold my bladder because the bathroom is right next to my room.
  91. The back of my ears feel really soft.
  92. I don't have armpit hair, so if someone needs to see me in a tanktop for some reason right now, I can go out and still have confidence.
  93. Speaking of clothes, I'm not wearing the tight-torture device otherwise known as pants, but
  94. I still have enough dignity so I won't go out in public like this, which is very un-Courtney-Stodden-like, because that bitch would do something like that.
  95. I'm seeing one of my favorite bands this summer.
  96. My glasses get darker when I'm outside.
  97. My carpet is very soft.
  98. I have a lot of purple things in my life.
  99. Purple actually works well with my skin tone.
  100. I am loved.

BONUS: Since a lot of the ones up there^^ were repeated.

101. I have never been embarrassed in class from an awkward boner because I am not a boy.
102. My speakers still work.
103. I was almost about to eat cream of wheat with maggots in it, but I didn't!
104. I smell like cotton.

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  1. Okay, I really like this list. A lot. I felt super special when I was singled out (sort of) like three times! For the people who read the entire list, and who are doing the service project with you (:. I enjoy you. Also, I thought you'd be interested to know: my bathroom is also right next to my room, I felt the back of my ear to check, and mine is also very soft. You've also gone and made me want to StumbleUpon :P