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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love people! Wow. You can just talk and talk and talk with some of them for hours. And with others, you're fine with just listening to their ramblings. And every once in a while, you are lucky enough to find someone you can do both with. And you see them and you're both so engaged with one another and looking back, you realize how magical that brief moment was.

Sometimes, you don't even have to say any words at all, you're fine with just sitting there and listening to the other person breathe. It sounds kind of creepy, but it's actually just so profound and significant because it's like, you're getting even closer through the silence.

I may be really shy sometimes, but get me talking, and I'll honestly fall into some sort of weird kind of love with you if I find you worthy. Right, yeah, and I'll constantly want to chase it and chase the company of whoever is pleasant, but not in a weird way. Just in the kind of way that makes everyone involved comfortable.

There are people who are just better with talking through the internet, and honestly, man, YEAH, that works out just fine for me. You could be typing shit in Morse code, and you're pleasant enough in my eyes that I would get a translator and translate it myself and back to you. Because you're that likable to me. The one-word greetings turn into sentences and paragraphs and novellas and we both start losing our place and sometimes we skip out on topics, but it's all good.

You've also got the phone people, not texting, but talking. Straight-up talking. The people who will call you while doing mundane things. And you get to hear them do normal people stuff and it's nice because it makes you aware that they're human and you're human and it's all just dandy. You hear pots in the background and then whispered curse words and apologies and giggles. And their family members scolding them. It's all so warm and inviting, in a sense.

Then you've got the people who still operate through a computer screen, but it's more Facebook chatty. HEY, that's fine, too, I love it. By this point, I'm so close to you that I don't give a flying shit about the "Seen at __:__" bullshit. Yes, I saw that you saw my message and yes you saw that I saw yours, but we're so cool that we honestly don't care. YouTube links and images of food aside, I just find it really easy and naturally to lose some of my grammatical bearings and just talk about life.

Hell, I just love talking to people, hooray people, you rock, people. Keep on doing your whole "fantastic" stuff, really, I mean it. This post is just one weird celebration of the good things about people. I LOVE EVERYONE.

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