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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Watch this first, she's better with words.

Alright, for any new viewers or readers or whatever, you need to know that I fully believe love can both span across and stay within genders and that's totally natural. If you are not alright with this, I ask that you at least have the courtesy to either not say anything or do so in a polite, mature manner. So when I found out a while ago that my favorite fast food restaurant was donating some of their profits to anti-gay organizations, I was disappointed. I mean, of course. This restaurant has very strong religious ties. But one of the main issues is how a lot of people pick and choose the parts of the Bible, their foundation for their actions supposedly, and ignore the others. The YouTube video already does an excellent job of pointing that out, so this is mostly just my personal opinion on this whole thing.

Like, guys, wow I really love Chick-Fil-A. It's a major part of my childhood. I would go to the Galleria with my dad and sister and we would order the kid's meal and just sit down and watch people. My mom would pick me up from school and we'd take my brother there to get balloon animals from the clown lady. Just up until last month, that was our go-to restaurant at Memorial Mall during shopping sprees with my mom until I got more into Subway and pizza. I didn't like Subway for the improvements it could make for my diet, because if I were, I would actually save half of a 12-inch sub for later instead of eating it all at once. Anyway, the nuggets are just so good and where else can you find a fast food place that has cheesecake as one of the dessert options? Wow, damn though, really, their nuggets are fantastic.

For a while after I found out, I would continue to go there because like seriously, the cravings were so intense. But this recent chain of events has sort of opened my eyes. The responses from the people I actually know in real life really got to me. One girl around my age proudly announced on Twitter that she went to three different Chick-fil-A's today, which is the symbolic day chosen to either show support or disgust with the company's actions. You drove around to three different stores. Much respect was lost, but to be honest, this girl didn't have a lot of respect in my book to begin with. She later tweeted, "All hail to chickfila today bringing in the money #ThrowinHunedsHuneds" and this is where I stop my criticism of her because continuing would be like insulting a 3rd grader. Another girl is still retweeting posts about how badly she wants to go to show support.

On the other hand, there are teens who are speaking out against this, which is how I got to this video in the first place. It's just sort of unreal that I am at a point in my life where I can be heard by others and stand together or stand against something this controversial. I like that most of the people I associate with are able to think and come up to their own conclusions and be open-minded.

I do this at the risk of losing a few numbers on meaningless websites or losing the chance to be taken seriously by people who I don't even talk to in the first place. It's here that I decide that I will not eat at a Chick-fil-A ever again. I cannot support a company that would deny the most important human right which is to simply be with another person who loves you back. I cannot support a company whose owner would scoff at the sight of a same-sex couple holding hands or raising a family. I cannot stand together with people who proudly flaunt their hatred of a completely harmless lifestyle.

But I can live with those damn good peanut-oil fried nuggets. And I've had better cheesecake at a Chinese-American buffet on the 59 feeder road.

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