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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Hair yay

It's like a shitty horror movie except less scary stuff, more stupid teenager stuff, and no soundtrack unless you count what I'm listening to right now, which is mostly 2007 stuff plus the Spice Girls. They're really important in my life right now because I plan on singing along to whatever song they plan on doing for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. That's pretty much the thing I look forward to the most. Swimming and gymnastics are glorious, don't get me wrong, but I mean...Spice Girls. 

Any a a wyaa y 

I've grown really used to the hair by this point. Almost attached in a way, because for me, this whole color changing thing represents artistic expression and blablah. It sounds like pseudo-meaningful bullshit, I know, like I'm trying too hard. But it's true. I expected a very negative response from my parents, so when it came, I was alright with that. They eventually got used to it, too.

I also expected disapproval hidden behind compliments, so that came and went, I was alright with it. Like, fuck, I'm not going to stop you from having your own opinions.

What I didn't expect was a straight up open statement on how it displeased you. Where are your manners, little child? I hope you don't go up to people on the street who decide to wear fingerless gloves and say get in their face about it.

Fingerless gloves are pretty much the closest thing I can think of. Both are associated with an alternative lifestyle, I guess? Bleaching my hair was my own choice, and I understood the social consequences that would follow that decision. I considered myself prepared for feedback in general, because this was a really drastic change. Fortunately, most of the people who didn't like it didn't bother with saying anything about it. 

Ok, so what happened anyway?

I was catching up with someone after not speaking for the entire summer. We're talking about going back to school soon, whatever the fuck yeah, small talk. Then he brings up my hair.

"So I saw your profile picture (thumbnail) and noticed that it was some sort of white-"

And by that point I knew he didn't like it too much from his tone, but that wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was what happened next.

I reply with, "yeah, I know, it's drastic, but I'll change it back after while." All cheerful and peppy and shit.

And he goes on to look up the full version after a while and reports back with a more colorful response:


I shoot back an "It's edgy." Because I know he thinks it's a bit "off" but I'm shocked by how forward he was with it. At this point, I'm trying to switch the subject for my sake because I know if he goes on, I'm going to get really pissy and butthurt over the fact that someone hates one of my decisions and I'll write a fucking post about it- wait oops, here we are, friends. 

"Whatever u say… *judge fox*"

Motherfucking festering dickbag from hell.

My problem is not the fact that he didn't like it, it was his approach. And the fact that he used "judge fox" because like really, really?

I would appreciate it if someone politely told me I was fucking up a major aspect of my life. I've been through this before with hair and clothing choices and yeah. But to exclaim "WTF?!" directly to the person is just dickish behavior. And the judge fox thing at in this situation is the least pleasant thing out of all of this. Judge fox. Judge fox, really? I am a big fan of animals but your judge fox needs to become extinct and I'll help by decimating the population and leaving you the rest.

Most people say "WTF" at videos of parasites leaving a praying mantis or blood coagulating from snake venom or a lady who can swallow her entire fist. That shit is WTF-worthy, but fucker, all I did was change the color of my hair, you take your WTF and shove it where the sun doesn't shine and by that I mean your bootyhole.

Whatever u say. Whatever u fucking say. With each letter that you left off, my respect dropped one level from the original level number of three. 

It's just the fact that he went out of his way to point out how unhappy he was with it. Not everyone will like me or the things I do and I get that, I do. But most people are courteous enough to keep that to themselves. Or say it in a less mean way. Or something. Anything besides WTF?! 

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  1. That's pretty freaking disrespectful. I mean, I understand having issues with hair dye. My brother doesn't like it and all. But he'll at least keep his opinion to himself. That guy could've said something like "I don't really like dyed hair". Or something. But just "WTF?!". I'm really curious as to who this is and if I know them, because I'd think that most friends of ours would be better than that!