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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More hatred

So there's this graduated senior. I don't know whether we are friends or not but I don't want to be at all. She keeps on initiating conversations and then she insults me in the middle of them. It started with little minor corrections, and I'm okay with that if people aren't condescending about it. But then she turned to insulting my humor and the way I speak on the internet. Why waste my fucking time just to bring me down, man, what are you doing.

I have a certain way of speaking that I'm sure most people have picked up on. A lot of the things I say are kind of really unnecessary. I write paragraphs about what I could say in about a sentence. And I don't really like to be serious, and then you add in metaphors and ridiculous stuff. And she flat-out just... called me out on it?

And I can't change the way I write, because I honestly just don't want to. She always does this. She wanted to use my phone one time and then I was joking around because fuck you, it's my phone. And I honestly, honestly don't think I was taking it too far, but she snapped at me and I just sat quietly and let her use my phone freely to text some other bitch I don't like. 

And she's loud and annoying and out there and I've tried to help her in times of need and she still finds it okay to do things like this. And I've been really happy that she was about to leave. Since freshman year. Our activities and groups coincided more often than I would have liked. 

So bye, thanks for literally nothing, you have contributed absolutely nothing to my life. Thank you. 

I'm happy that I am about to leave behind so so so so many people in a year. I'm leaving behind all of this and it feels so good. Just one more year of this. No more pretending to be friends with someone just because they sit in the same lunch group. No more dreading being left alone with particular people. No more fake smiles and forced laughter. No need to stop doing certain things because it'll offend you.I know things like this will happen in college, but I will be ready to walk away. At this point, I can't because I see these fucking people almost every day. 

I don't like a lot of people. That's basically my point. 

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