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Friday, August 3, 2012

This year continued

I expect lunch to be the same. The group might accept more freshmen and other people and maybe it might lose people, you never know. It's happened. I'll probably retain my spot as the steps girl, which is kind of comfortable. I'm not stuck in one spot and I can stand. I don't mind throwing away food if I'm asked politely. I can easily jump around places if I need to. This spot has many strategic advantages. Being shut out kind of trains you for that.
I expect a tiny power struggle between my main group and incoming freshmen. Damn, I really liked this year's freshmen. I don't know how this upcoming one is going to be. We're all going to have little sisters and I think I have mine picked out. I've been stalking her on Twitter for a while, so when I ask her about her summer, I'll have to fake surprise.
I don't know who my actual sister is going to and I think I made some people scared of her. She's not as rotten as I let on all the time. She's kind of exactly like me. It's weird. We both get really unfavorable sometimes and we scheme but it's not...not as bad. She's like, the amplified version of me but muted in some ways. She's more quiet than I am and she's funnier in a different way. If she decides to be outgoing, she's really eccentric but not annoyingly so. I don't know how this turned into a thing about my sister but yeah.
It's just weird how...she's just starting and I'm about to wrap it up here. To think that she'll find her own comfortable spots and spend time in the library and roam the hallways just like I did. To think that she's going to find her second family even if finalizing it takes over three years. I can't even hold it together now but... I wish her the best.
St. Agnes was a really good choice for me, I think. Despite the minor issues, this...this huge building was the site of many life-changing experiences. I could not ask for better teachers, better lessons, or better friends.
I think I can understand why they say high school is one of the best times of your life. It's the growing up part. It holds your hand as you try to walk on the shaded path of maturity. It goes from something montrous in the eyes of an 8th grader to a best friend as you get closer to the end. Because I kind of think this school is a best friend in a way. So much has happened and not everything may be positive but it's comforting. It's home. It's actually a home.
And just wow, holy...the people here. Yes I whine about some of them. But what's the shine even brighter when cast in dirt? Ok probably not. But when you encounter a diamond here, it's brilliant. It's brilliant and amazing and you just want to take it and show it to others and keep them forever.
This year is going to be terrible because I know it's the end.

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