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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Driving and things


Hopefully I'll have my license in a week. So here are some things I plan to do.

  • Drive to Panera Bread and get those weird coffee things that I never remember. They don't taste like coffee, I think they're mochas. Yes, so I'll drive to Panera and get a mocha. They are so good. They are seriously the best mochas I've ever had. I've had some from Starbucks and McDonalds. Disappointed with Starbucks, but actually quite impressed with McDonalds. Still. Panera is the best. 
  • Drive to Memorial Park with pepper spray in a big puffy jacket so I can walk down the path for two hours on my own and still be safe. I'd really just like to walk. 
  • Drive to cool places. Again, safety is a big thing, I'll work it out somehow. I just really want to go places because all of my weekends are spent at home. 
  • Drive to that fancy City Center place with the movie grill thingy that plays movies. I think it's so cool. I'm broke as hell, but I'd like to just walk there.
  • So basically, drive places to walk places.
Not the freeway, though, I'm not fond of the freeway quite yet. It's doable, but I still don't like it.

Um what else. OH!

  • During Christmas, I'd drive to those big fancy neighborhoods, like the one on Westheimer with the peacocks and horse carriages. I love seeing their big decorations. I'll blast Christmas music.Hopefully I'll have enough to get a hot chocolate or something before I make the trip. It's really exciting. 
  • I'll visit other parts of Houston. Maybe I'll get lost. But again, I'd have to be safe. I wish I were a boy sometimes. Not that it would make me totally more safe, but still. 

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