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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have more opinions

The debates have truly brought out the worst in some people. I try not to let my own political opinions get out. Not because I'm afraid, but because there are people out there who will seriously treat me differently. I'm trying to stay informed and up-to-date, but some people are too loud about their thoughts without enough information to form a valid opinion on any of the topics.

Choosing which side to pledge my allegiance to isn't a matter of just looking at the most popular one. It goes beyond the controversial topics like women, abortion, and marriage. It also includes the economy, health care, foreign affairs, all of those other topics that a lot of people my age tend to ignore. I understand that at our current age, those things may not seem to affect us as directly. And I get that everyone certainly has the right to vote for whoever because of whatever. But I would prefer that everyone would get information about most, if not all, of a candidate's views.

So to go on these cute, little social media sites and see kids express themselves, or really just parrot off the stuff they heard from their parents, is rather unsettling. Some people are simply being open about their opinions to stir up controversy. I swear, some of these people are just searching for a fight. They're almost angry about it. All-caps, pulling in information from a candidate's background to take away from the value of their argument, getting emotions tied up.

And if you feel strongly about this, you should be emotionally attached. Our political opinions have everything to do with the kind of person we are, so it makes sense. But emotions cause people to lose control, and once you lose control, you become irrational and people start to value your opinion less. Above all, intellect and reason should prevail. People flipped their shit.

This lead to several outbursts between friends and classmates. Some, including myself, silenced themselves to avoid explosive confrontation. Some of my classes have a clear majority of the party I oppose. And they are very very very vocal about it. I cannot speak. In some cases, it is good to voice what you believe, especially if it means a lot. They'll have discussions that I would love to participate in. However, and I am not saying this as an insult, but these people in particular are the kind who borrow everything from their parents. The way they spout off information and proudly show their support makes it clear that these are not the result of their own research. They are quick to anger, even quicker to band together and strike a lone opponent down.

Literally, I am the only democrat in my Journalism class. And they will throw down Obama quite often. That's fine, but with most of them, it is clear that they don't know what they are truly supporting or opposing.

Even with my giant desire for political awareness, I cannot deny that politics are a freakin' racket. It's a mess, it is all a huge mess. While at first, I would lash out at political apathetic people, but I do understand it. Realistically, there is only so much a president can do. I think at this point of the campaigning, a lot of people are building up this insanely perfect idea of the candidate they support. So there will be a lot of disappointment. People are not ever going to be happy. The entire government is too huge to satisfy everyone.

Those are some of the thoughts...there.

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