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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rant #4

I'm not even sure were this one is going and I'll probably regret posting all of these, but I doubt anyone who does not already have it will ever find it again. I'm just going to keep writing until I feel better about life. So that means I'm getting out all of my complaints.

Oh, I guess this post's theme is people I sit near. Not the actual people, I need to stop talking about actual people for things like this. Because they are actually good people. Unlike the ones I've mentioned before. So actions.

So when people are shallow, I'll get pissed. Like all they talk about with their friends are the stupidest things like meaningless stuff. And they'll grow up and become shitty parents.

Also, when people laugh at things that...aren't funny. And this is so sososos tricky to explain. Because I know everyone has a different sense of humor. Not a lot of people get mine. Which isn't a problem. But like, I'll be in a class and the teacher will say something and one person will full out explode in laughter. Slapping their desk. Kicking the back of my seat. Or like, if someone literally cracks up at a picture of a squirrel with candy in their mouth. Like, crack up, honking, the whole deal. And again, this only happens with some people. The person has to have a combination of annoying qualities in order for this one thing to become fully despicable.

I...think I'm done.

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