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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nightmare #2

This was after I went back to sleep.

I was at this fancy dinner party. Volunteering by sitting at a booth with a bunch of other girls. There was a stage right across from us and people were about to go up to perform. Chaos broke out and for some reason, I am now in front of the booth, smiling and pretending that things are alright. I wanted to make the guests feel at ease? 

At the end of it all, I was fired from my booth job. Which is bullshit because I didn't cause any of the trouble and I was volunteering in the first place. But whatever. I walked around and saw one of my friends with some acquaintances, like the class president. One was holding a baby and they were talking. There was a pitcher of water and for some reason I spit in it. Yeah. They were talking about some fancy stuff while I took the water I just spit in for myself and kind of left. 

Ok this dream was kind of incredibly boring, but it featured fruit punch at the end and I swear I could taste it. It was delicious fruit punch.

The end. 

It wasn't really a nightmare, but I was upset about losing  my "job" so. 

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