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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Now some REAL LIFE stuff

I seriously thought I was going to get kidnapped yesterday. I pulled into my driveway after meeting my mom at a Walgreen's for important business. We met up so we could take my car to practice for the upcoming driving test and we had just gotten back to the meet-up place. So now, home, driveway. But a car was behind me, blocking the exit. I turned off the engine and the lights and stuff and I expected it to go away, but it did not.

My heart felt like an ethnic artist recording The Sounds of Africa: Drums Edition, 50th Anniversary CD. This vessel of sheer terror begins to pull into my driveway. I have this metal pole in the backseat area for protection but at this point I felt helpless.

Then it began to back away and seconds later my dad pulls up with his car and that's when I start crying. And I try to explain the situation to him as we're both getting out and he informs me that the car was my mother's. She had followed me home to make sure I made it back just fine.

I'm trying to stress how important it is to not be stupid like me and be caught unprepared. Apparently, my initial paranoia prevented me from thinking logically and recognizing the car in the dark. It sounds like total bullshit, I don't know how else to put it, but my parents can verify it. I almost peed my pants during this ordeal and after that I felt like throwing up. My parents now think I'm really dumb for not thinking this through and now they dub me emotionally unstable and not ready for the streets. I agree.

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