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Monday, May 13, 2013

Clearing up the purpose...

We’re all headed toward the same destination, we’re just all on different paths. Some have it much harder than others, some aren’t aware of how great they have it. But we’re all headed towards death, it’s inevitable. 
Every day, we are faced with choices. Our backgrounds and past experiences don’t make the decisions for us, they are simply there in our minds with us as we face the options. 
Being well-informed about the consequences and the details seems to be a privilege nobody has all of the time. 
I’ve been busted up, too. Not in the same way others have, but people don’t seem to think I’ve ever felt anything other than fear or happiness because of how I carry myself.
Because I think I’m good at hiding it. I don’t want anything to leak out on people who don’t have time for me. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to try to help. Because everyone has their own things going on and I’m just another person.
We have to understand, guys, you just have to understand that EVERYBODY could be going through something. Just because somebody is the perfect image of confidence and perfection in public, doesn’t mean that they aren’t wishing themselves off the Earth. 
So be upset. Feel every emotion to the fullest. Anger, rage, frustration, disappointment. Don’t do anything half-assed. If you are going to feel, feel as powerfully as you possibly can. The worst times make you appreciate the best times a lot more. When I’m low, I hate it, but I feel that to my core. It makes it more difficult to get back to “normal”, but the smallest joys seem to have a bit more significance after those negative episodes. 
Love just as intensely. Make decisions that minimize the numbing realization that we’re all going to be forgotten nobodies in 100 years. Our grandchildren will know us, but not who we are at this very moment. The person you are right now will be forgotten in 100 years, they’ll know your title, your name, probably just enough information about you to fill in a family tree for a school project. 
You’re going to be about as useful as a Wikipedia page.
The point? Make something matter. You can’t spread your influence through time, perhaps, but you can spread it through people you are currently with. 
Instead of hurting others on purpose, love until you hurt. Fall in love with people. It’s hard, maybe harder than hating people. But in my opinion, that is the key to enjoying life, even while realizing it’s going to end.
That’s how I want to live. But I make mistakes, too. So do you. We all do. Hatred is not a mistake. It is a decision. 
Hatred is exhausting. It’s harmful, misunderstood, and exhausting for others and yourself. It’s unnecessary. 
We’re unnecessary until we become the type of people others can depend on when they are broken. And that’s a career that will never die out, because everyone has issues. 
We have no purpose unless we interact with those and make enough of an impact on them to make them need us. And that requires love. 

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