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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I'm excited about the future. It's still very unclear, but I have an idea and it's something that I might enjoy. I've been taking the online dental course for a while and it seems like something I could pursue. I haven't experienced any dislike of the material and I genuinely like learning. Still going to test it out. Nothing is set in stone, but I am narrowing things down. I went through the Jurisprudence part easily. It mostly dealt with legal stuff, duties of a dental assistant, and what people are allowed to do. Very similar to a government class, actually in that it discussed administrative tasks and defined a few terms. I'm really interested about more interactive things, though, because right now most of the material is stuff to memorize. I want to dive into labs and diagrams and stuff.

 Right now, I am in the more biological part of the course. Hooray! We're about to learn about infection control. Okay, so it's not flat-out biological yet, but it's getting there. It's still all procedures and preventative measures. But it's interesting. After this is through, the next topic is Radiology. X-rays and radiation and such. When I complete the entire course, I hope to be able to register. This way, I can start to jump into internships while in San Antonio, perhaps. Or at the very least, I can shadow at an office on the weekends.

We'll just have to see.

I like spending this time on developing. I like using my summer to learn. I've considered how this is going to affect my college life. Because if I commit myself to this, I won't have much of a typical social life. What many people think of when they hear "social life" is partying every weekend and constantly having to be around others. That's not my style. An occasional get-together and light public events are fine, but I cannot see myself having to spend most of my free time around a bunch of party people.

I love dances, though. But they'd get really tiring to me after a while. The point of them is to let loose, meet people, relax and all. I can only do that so many times before it becomes boring.

I am going to get involved, though. People say that's the key to enjoying college, so long as it's in moderation. They have a club on campus that revolves around some of my interests, and I might join that. I also plan on working into a writing group, possibly singing, too. Actually, I've been looking around in my current city for open mic musical opportunities. I think something like that would be less of a time commitment, but it's still enough for me to pursue my passion. If I were to try out for a singing group, I would be working on their schedule, which could interfere with studies. The same would go for a strict writing group. I'd like it if there were groups with casual meetings that aren't mandatory, a place where people are welcome to share and critique and just hang out with a common interest.

I might not have any leftover time, but I also want to keep up with learning piano. Even if I can't find an instructor, I'll be able to learn online.

In terms of drugs and alcohol, I know that this sudden escape from parents takes away from the pressure of disappointing them. But I don't really see myself going hardcore over all of that even with the new independence. I think I understand drinking to be social. It lightens the environment, people can let their guards down without having to worry about being judged. I guess the same goes for other recreational drugs, yeah? But I don't want any of that to cut into my goals.

The people who are seen at college ragers are the kids who did that stuff in high school. Those are my assumptions. Not much is heard of the kids who stay at home and prefer to read or do other things. That part doesn't seem to be as "glorified".

This is making me sound like a boring-ass kid. I don't even know, I can have fun without having to join in on the typical college stereotypes. If I can somehow settle in with a bunch of people who share and respect this mindset, I'll be good. However, in being able to enjoy time on my own, I won't have to worry too much about a booming social life.

I'm at college to have the college experience. I'm in charge of how enjoyable college is going to be. The school I am attending wasn't even on my list, but I hope to make the most of it.

I'm very excited about the future. :) I don't use smiley faces in these posts, but this is honestly how I feel, deep down. :) I have exactly two months before I head off to college. And I am excited.

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